TapLink~Sailboat Art at Lake Jacomo in Blue Springs was beautiful www.jacomoyachtclub.com

I very much enjoyed this event. It was a beautiful atmosphere, a bit windy but for sailboats a dream. The annual meeting was held, and they hosted a a couple artists, myself one. I sold a few sailboat paintings and will look forward to showing the rest soon in Kansas City. Thank you to the Commodore Jason Lentz for purchasing a sailboat painting from me last fall, and cordially inviting my art to this yearly event. It was a true honor. I was able to get great photos which I have shared on my Facebook accounts, my regular account and my art @TarasStrangeArt.com as well as video surreal fun on my Instagram @strangeartkc101 and Google photos

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Hello, my name is Tara and I’m from Kansas City Missouri. I love to create really strange artwork! I specialize in mixed mediums but love acrylic and watercolor the most. I have a cool shop button and for more personal commissions contact me.

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