Hey Word Press Wildlings Tara here… Tweeting from my word Press tonight.

I am here to announce my new Table Art has been born. Thanks to Google photos I have 2 styles to choose from, full color collections.

Angel Paintings, has a couple surrealistic moments, it’s without without words…can be signed on request. I’ll accept your PayPal request from my strangeartkc101 email if you are curious.

The other, Ocean Vessels Collection has a bit of writes from my heart. Information about me and colored pictures as well . They both include a few of my strange surrealism shots of imagination, and vessels reveals behind the scene creation photos.

Keep exploring 2023 with me. More to come. Loving Wishes Your Way. From Tara

P.S. My LinkedIn seems hard to search at times. Here I am LinkedIn Here it goes https://LinkedIn.com/in/Tara-Dunbar Google is good at organizing if it can find me. Google Rocks #Googlephotos

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Hello, my name is Tara and I’m from Kansas City Missouri. I love to create really strange artwork! I specialize in mixed mediums but love acrylic and watercolor the most. I have a cool shop button and for more personal commissions contact me.

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