Long Beach New York Art Exploration 101

The Ocean was generous to me. I handed a World Prayer off to the Great Blue Atlantic Sea. As I reached for the sea, it grabbed a hold of me. With exhilarating delight us two became a WE. Something had called me and I went. The rewards only heaven sent. Majestic healing and Loud Folks Entertainment were amazing assets in my journey. I say give my heart back Long Island. Soon I will come back to find it. Our journeys are relatively short. Fill your heart with Amazing Art. Create each day in your mind, allowing yourself to dream at night. Believing in Gods forces guides me far, if the Light dims out just follow the North Star. Love to you all. Strange Surrealism by Tara Wanna see more, subscribe to my 2.99 per month Instagram. Help me make the world a better place.

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Hello, my name is Tara and I’m from Kansas City Missouri. I love to create really strange artwork! I specialize in mixed mediums but love acrylic and watercolor the most. I have a cool shop button and for more personal commissions contact me.

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