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This silly surreal scene on my front lawn unfolded as I unloaded my paintings after an art show at a coffee shop in KC. My farm animals are never far away as you can see, and they encourage me to have more courage to continue in my art journey as I am a very shy artist. November 2021 Tara “strange” Dunbar.
About Me

Hi, Tara here. I’m a Surreal and Abstract artist from Kansas City, Missouri USA. My Original artwork can appear very strange at times.. my art is always the result of a mental picture that somehow develops in my mind…

I painted a Japanese Art cabin in acrylic. I will post it soon on my Instagram @strangeartkc101 please follow me for the full surreal experience of expression and universal understanding for the love of art in our world ♥️ from my heart to yours.

🎨art tip 101 This is for the young artists and old alike that have inquired about how I get so many ideas in which to create. My my own art perspective, To me there is no such thing as artist block…. It is something inside you….that you are not allowing to be free…free your mind into new ideas and ways of thinking. Open your heart to a new start and remember the past is exactly that. I recommend time alone listening to nature…at times appreciating the classic ways of life are the key to modern acceptance. Sometimes I feel as though I’m living from a time from the past….other times I look deep into the future of mankind. Always reflecting that I am only a small part of this enormous universe and something much greater than myself guides me onward. Much art love from Tara Strange Dunbar KCMO

Tara Strange Dunbar KCMO Artist

Ahoy Mateys….2022 We sail into a new way of thinking about People and Love and together we can make the world a better place through arts of all kinds. It has been a hard couple of of years but buckle up folks because soon we will heal and move forward into accepting the things we cannot change and having the courage to know what that difference is. Realizing that being different is what makes us the same can be my answer for today. God Bless and keep Trucking Along ♥️🎈

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