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This Commission is Called “The Kings Guardians. My contact information includes my Email. Commission Open, deposit required.
Unleashed Emotion

Explore, Always exploring your mind will allow you to always find your true self…

The Prayer

Discover diversity and love….for me art fills my heart with love for all peoples viewing pleasure.

Political Disaster

Open your mind…find empathy and love within your heart for all people .

Andromedas Ambient Conversation…about the apex predator. Have you ever pondered the laws of attraction. This is why we we do not swim under the full moon…maybe the stars decided it was unsafe. Who really knows. This painting was sold before the August 2022 show even began at Jones Gallery KCMO. I had to take a replacement up immediately. My own philosophy at times… can be very amusing. Strange Surrealism is my Passion. Get you Tote or shower curtain today with this design, or choose from my strange collection.

Emotion and Passion

Emotion from my mind after I had disturbed a bird nest by accident….my guilt and shame produced this artwork. Tara

I AM AN INSTAGRAM ARTIST @Strangeartkc101 ♥️ Visual Arts Creator. I am a Twitter Surrealist-Artist-WritingThoughts @StrangeArtKC1 ♥️ For more info or to shop merchandise or originals visit my WordPress here anytime, hit the SHOP button. I have good reviews on the secure checkout. The full show of over 400 strange creations in total visit my Strange Art Gallery/Stories on IG and more. My Facebook handles are @strangeartkc101, TarasStrangeArtKC101 and @TaraDunbar Many links to tap below as well. Swim around. I have 2 podcasts episodes and 1 online interview, 2 where you can listen to my emotion in “real voice”or read the Voyage Magazine about my art passion. I accept custom commission orders upon request and may take specific artwork requests to add in my shop anytime to suit your order. I do accept art donations as well as I will drop off deliveries for art supplies to local shelters for free upon donation with a photo as documentation proof. Im on Facebook~Events~Art business @TarasStrangeArtKC101. Let’s stay connected. Many pages to explore with me…in the Strange Art Land Kansas City. LinkedIn, LinkMe, and more handles can be found below with my Email which I recommend as you introduce yourself. Phone is second option.

Not all those who wander are lost.


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney 🎈

About Me

Below are links you can follow to my podcast episodes, artwork and web posts. Lots to do…I stay busy like a 🐝

♦️My LinkedIn name is Tara Dunbar tap the nearly invisible link right here ⬇️ https://LinkedIn.com/in/Tara-Dunbar

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♦️My Merchandise and Original painting shop is Fine Art America. It creates many products. To purchase an original you will need to choose one from the pixels site. I can add pieces from my Instagram as well. Just email and we can set up shipping and Pay Pal, Cash App or Venmo. It’s a Pixel brand company. They make quality T-Shirts, Duvets, Phone Cases, Totes, Towels and much more. My Official Shop Site is https://Tara-Dunbar.Pixels.com

Keep Flying
Rest in Time

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♦️My Email is Strangeart101@icloud.com I recommend Email first to introduce yourself. 1-816-226-7268

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Hello There!! I have Angel paintings displayed at The Community Center Warrensburg Dec and January. And at Frankenbeans Tattoo Studio in Warrensburg, Mo. on the gallery wall there. I change out the display often. I occasionally show art at Jones Gallery Kansas City, First Fridays, Art Garden KC, City Market Fresh~City Market KC, Third Friday Art Walk, Warrensburg Main Street Art Walk, PHCoffee KC, 7th Heaven KC, West Side Art Fair, and KC Chamber of Commerce, Lake Jacomo Yacht Club, Small business market KC, Terrabis Cannabis KC, Midwest Artists,🎈Missouri, USA. I can hand deliver, take commissions or schedule an appointment to view one of my more pricey paintings if you wish in a public atmosphere. Email me for an appointment. I have started taking commissions. 👁check my IG stories for updates on events. Thanks for the genuine art support always. Art donations and deliveries can be arranged if you donate. I can deliver and show the social media results for you, and if you need help just ask me how it works. I deliver free of charge. Anything and everything helps people use art as healthy therapy. Women’s shelters, boys and girls club of America, Salvation Army and many more will receive these donations. My donation’s always come with proof.

Hello Art Enthusiasts! I see you have made it to my page😁 You may wonder🤔 why I create such strange artwork. You may feel something as you gaze. I have a deep passion for arts and music 🎼. My surreal style reflects my inner emotion and pain that I see and feel in the entire world🌎 around us. I have an universal way of thinking. Somehow above the chaos and shuffle I find a strong urge to create these strange artworks mostly all from my mind. Occasionally I will use an inspiring reference of emotion from watching the world news, or feel emotion for something around my own surroundings of to get the idea rolling, or maybe a dream I once had! Then… out comes the mind design. I am an original artist so I use paint, rags, easels, floor coverings, water jars and real paint brushes to create the effect. I enjoy mixed mediums, I love to create “mixed medium madness” I call it. Acrylic and watercolor are my favorites. My workspace can get disorganized so I always tell young artists that “organization is the key to sanity”. All of my artworks are created using only the finest of gesso, paints, varnish and sealers. Top quality supplies. Breathing Color Timeless Varnish is my go to, museum quality and it allows the piece to pull its natural beauty throughout. Thanks for the art support and if you are curious please inquire, owning an unique piece of art from me is sure to bring you many good blessings to come, genuine token made from my heart and soul. Please enjoy my strange style as I bring it to you with love and compassion for all people. We choose life because life chose us. There is no magic ticket but we all definitely have imagination and dreams. Life seems to be full of long hallways, trap doors, jammed windows, booby traps and land mines. With love and guidance from a higher power much bigger than ourselves we can stand together as people and artists to show and give love to the world through art. Art can be the doorway, the guiding light in a dark world at times. And free it truly is. I gift art supplies to less fortunate, in hopes that a person may grow to love art as I do. 🤔Before I forget, I have a links to my Interviews down below…keep scrolling for the Links🎈My small Shop is Fine Art America, shop button on this page. Original paintings and products onto quality fabrics / merchandise/ items from Pixels available. Signed custom prints and commissions available upon request.

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