Tara “Strange” Dunbar Mini Bio👁

Welcome to the strange and surreal world of my original designs where I use passion to create.

Hi, Tara here. I’m a Surreal and Abstract artist from Kansas City, Missouri USA. My Original artwork can appear very strange at times.. my art is always the result of a mental picture that somehow develops in my my mind… then a serious urge to create it comes into play and the artwork is born. Emotion, good, bad, and pain that I see or feel in the world hides inside of my pieces. A passion drives the desire to continue showing my art to the world, all eyes to see if they choose. I do many other jobs to get by besides painting and drawing. I work on my small farm with farm animals as well. I am a mixed media specialist , self taught completely besides basic art skills in within the school system, taking every art class allowed. Acrylics on canvas has become a passion for delivery as I am able to purchase canvas now due to my sales increase of drawings. I was not able to attend college , always working since I was a young teen. I lack in computer skills however I feel a freedom to “needing” others periodically ….and so I humble myself to advice from My friend Galina Marcus from “In The Art Scene” , a pod cast host and friend along with many others. I have done 2 pod cast episodes and there you can hear parts of my story about art, hard lessons in life and much more. In the art Scene and also Prison Arts Collective pod casts can be found on Spotify, Apple and Anchor. I love to gift art supplies to random women’s shelters, kids and teens that may need some art therapy and color in their lives. I just never know who will grab onto to art and “love” it as I do. Mixed medium madness and emotion is definitely stimulating to my soul. Enjoy

I paint and draw images from my mind that I have collected from some raw emotion around me. I specialize in custom personality pieces and emotion eyes. I love color and believe in it’s healing power. My only desire is to allow my art to be seen. I have stayed dormant for many years and 2 years ago went public with my art pulling it out from under beds and closets. I was determined to show it to many eyes before something happened to it. May the world see my art through their eyes. Much love…

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