Tap for the story behind this drawing Mechanical mind Original in a drawing. before the dream….before it’s sister creation in acrylic. Prints available open request, this is a self portrait that is accompanied by a painting. A painting of this drawing…from the dream. So strange I know. You must see it to believe it. What artworks shall we dream tonight 💫

Mechanical Mind by Tara 2020

Painting-Tap Link Mechanical mind in Acrylic, spawned from a dream of a prior drawing. It’s sister being blogged on here as well. You can see for yourself how deeply odd they are. Even I get uncomfortable looking at my own work. They are self portraits of myself. I rarely speak of the actual events that lead up to my strange and often weird creations. This was a dream of a drawing I had already created. Please enjoy my art style in a very surreal way, sweet dreams! From TarasStrangeArt.com

Mechanical Mind in Acrylic “21