Art at the Community Center – Midwest Artists have hosted my Angel Collection. 2022 Just tap the whole paragraph link to view. Thank you for exploring my site.

I am happy to present… the Angel collection. I plan on NFT and keeping posters and cards in stock for the serious collectors. Painting is my passion these days. I enjoy creating unique, universal designs from my mind. I am pleased to have them all displayed at one time, one moment in time.

Hello World… I have been inspired by the Stars…… To the Moon we go…. Paths lit by artistic love with a very universal understanding. New windows come open as others slam closed. Nothing is constant but change… thriving into a much deeper understanding can then open doors light years away. I am pleased to say I love Twitter today. #elonmuskmotivation in my mind I enjoy recognizing other strange minds… congratulations to Elon for all of his accomplishments for humanity. @elonmusk on Twitter follow me if you wish, I like to laugh… StrangeArtKC1 visit me, I have many links to enjoy. Also Hozier and Wreckonize both have out new music. Check it out. On Instagram @Strangeartkc101